Air purification systems for large indoor spaces

Addison designs and produces specialty HVAC equipment, primarily dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), that deliver conditioned and filtered fresh air for critical applications such as:


    1. Nursing homes
    2. Hospitals
    3. Ambulatory care facilities
    4. Schools
    5. Grocery & Retail
    6. Research labs
    7. Military barracks
    8. Dormitory shelters
    9. Condominiums
    10. And many others


All of the applications above are served by our equipment which provides cooling, dehumidification, heating and filtered fresh air for safer, healthier, and more productive indoor environments.


When fresh, clean air is brought into these spaces the air inside, which could be full of contaminates such as CO2, VOCs, as well as other airborne particulates is exhausted outside. This air exchange helps ensure occupants are breathing the best air possible within the space. Additionally, by controlling the humidity within the space to an optimum range, it limits the ability of viruses, bacteria, and mold to reproduce and function.

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