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Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. We’ve fostered and built exceptional companies that are essential to our collective health and well-being. Our platform is designed to empower companies whose products make our lives better today and build them into the market leaders of tomorrow.

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How we’ve built our reputation


Honesty and transparency are absolutely essential to the way we do business. We work with management teams we believe in and don’t add arrogancy, complacency or bureaucracy to the mix. Our acquisitions are done the same way: We’ve never changed a price and always follow through with the exact terms we started with. In fact, numerous parties have done multiple deals with us over the years for one reason: trust. And this is the strongest endorsement one can receive. We also believe in the power of the team and how critical trust is in that relationship. We work as hard for the person on our left and the person on our right as we do for ourselves. Consequently, our teams operate at the highest level of engagement and are inspired by our mission and their leaders.


Madison Industries is an operating company owned by us... the team that runs it. We are not publicly traded, so no quarterly earnings reports and are not private equity, so no artificial 3-5 year timelines; which means you can build your company for the long term. Our businesses are run locally by the entrepreneur who has the 'owner's mindset' and is closest to the customer, product and the team to best make the decisions. This is why we partner and not acquire: consequently, the name stays on the door and the management team remains in place. This incredible ecosystem of companies will remain a part of the Madison family long after we’re gone, ensuring that your mission continues.

Bias For Action

Unless you continually work, evolve and innovate, you will learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has! Consequently, we lean forward and challenge the status quo. And if there is an opportunity for us to make the world safer, healthier or more productive, we move quickly. In fact, we close our acquisitions in less than 30 days, providing minimal disruption to your company.

The proof is in the companies we grow.