The power to enact real change

We believe in a safer, healthier more productive world.


Protecting the ones we love

We’re committed to a safer world by empowering our companies and their teams to discover scientific breakthroughs, advance the field of medicine and develop safer environments. Operating rooms, drug delivery equipment, medical testing and where you work and play are all made safer by our companies.

Improving our quality of life

We create healthier drinking water, cleaner air to breathe and a smaller carbon footprint for all of us. Our focus is to improve your quality of life and do it in a way that is accessible to all.


more productive

Breaking new ground

Any time a product comes along that makes our lives more efficient, we take notice. Whether it’s removing a step, increasing the speed of production, increasing a product’s useful life or perfecting a process to use less energy — it makes our lives better. We build companies who innovate to improve processes, reduce waste, and keep the world running.

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