United CoolAir Joins Madison Industries

United CoolAir, a leading innovator and manufacturer of compact and modular packaged indoor air solutions, has joined Madison Industries.  United CoolAir produces complex units that bring fresh conditioned air into some of the most space constrained buildings in the world and creates a better and safer environment to live, work and breathe.

“Madison Industries’ mission aligns perfectly with that of United CoolAir – specifically, to make the world safer, healthier and more productive,” said United CoolAir President, Neil Tucker. “ United CoolAir has been built on listening to our customers and continually innovating to meet their needs. Madison Industries is a perfect home for my employees and our customers to continue this legacy in an entrepreneurial environment.”

“Neil Tucker is a true entrepreneur that we are excited to have join our team and we couldn’t be prouder that he selected Madison Industries as the permanent home for his business” said Founder of Madison Industries, Larry Gies.

United CoolAir is a customer focused addition to the Madison IAQ portfolio, making its suite of indoor air quality solutions one of the most comprehensive in the market (please see Madison IAQ’s full suite of solutions at www.indoorairhygiene.com). 

About United CoolAir

United CoolAir is a leading innovator and manufacturer of compact and modular packaged indoor air solutions.  United CoolAir’s units fit through standard door openings, around corners, down hallways and into service elevators to minimize the cost of installation, rigging and permitting to replace or enhance the indoor air solutions in existing buildings.  Please visit United CoolAir at www.UnitedCoolAir.com

About Madison

Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. Madison builds entrepreneurially driven, branded market leaders that are committed to making the world safer, healthier and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value.  The team at Madison is committed to building something truly remarkable that long outlasts them while coaching others to reach their highest potential.  We encourage you to visit Madison Industries at www.madison.net.