Steril-Aire Joins Madison Industries

Steril-Aire, a leading innovator of high performance ultraviolet-C (“UVC”) solutions for air and surface decontamination, is joining Madison Industries.  Steril-Aire produces high energy germicidal UVC solutions that create a better and safer environment to live, work and breathe.

“Madison Industries’ mission aligns perfectly with that of Steril-Aire – specifically, to make the world safer, healthier and more productive,” said Steril-Aire Chairman, Dr. Bob Scheir.

Steril-Aire CEO and co-founder, Eli Eisenberg stated, “Steril-Aire was founded as an entrepreneurial endeavor, Dr. Bob took our science to a new level and transformed the UVC industry.  We are excited for this next chapter as our culture fits in well with Madison, which will allow us to continue to innovate for our customers.”

Steril-Aire is a customer focused addition to the Madison IAQ portfolio, making its suite of indoor air quality solutions one of the most comprehensive in the market (please see Madison IAQ’s full suite of solutions at  The passionate team at Steril-Aire will continue to create the groundbreaking products that enhance indoor air quality.  

About Steril-Aire

Steril-Aire is a leading innovator of high energy germicidal UVC solutions.  Its decades of science based and technology backed solutions create a better and safer environment to live, work and breathe.  Steril-Aire’s science is groundbreaking in enhancing the indoor air quality of customer working environments.  Steril-Aire’s solutions can be found in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, airports, laboratories, government facilities, offices and food safety.  Please visit Steril-Aire at

About Madison

Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. Madison builds entrepreneurially driven, branded market leaders that are committed to making the world safer, healthier and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value.  The team at Madison is committed to building something truly remarkable that long outlasts them while coaching others to reach their highest potential.  We encourage you to visit Madison Industries at

Lori Murphree along with her colleagues Mike Simon and Shawn Thompson at Diamond Capital Advisors represented Steril-Aire in the transaction.