Swabs for sample collection

Porex manufactures collection media used to collect various types of samples for laboratory tests. One of key types of collection media are synthetic nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs used for collecting respiratory samples from COVID-19 exposed or symptomatic patients that are outlined in the CDC test protocol for COVID-19 testing.


POREX® collection media offers ideal capillary structures with customization for wicking, absorption and flow – critical properties for the controlled delivery of biologic samples. With proprietary color change and sufficiency-indicator technology, our collection media is optimized to enhance surface energy in order to reduce interference for better results and provide fast, controlled flow of sample.


Materials Offered

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bio-activated porous media


Formats available

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • 3D geometric shapes
  • Molded and Die-cut discs


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Swabs for sample collection

Swabs for sample collection

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