Air Filters

Air Filters to reduce risk of COVID-19


Filtration Group HVAC is one of the largest filter manufacturers in North America. Since 1942, FG HVAC has been dedicated to generating cleaner air. Today the company stands on the forefront of the industry as a leading broad-line manufacturer of filtration products and produces more than 40 million filters annually. FG HVAC supplies products for the HVAC, turbine, cleanroom, bio-safety, filter media, and air purification markets. The company is part of Filtration Group a global leader committed to making the world safer, healthier and more productive.


To boost Indoor Air Quality and reduce risk against COVID-19, we have many MERV 13-16 and HEPA filter formats available for residential and cleanroom end markets, and everything in between.

FP and FP-S Mini-Pleat V-Bank Filter

FP and FP-S Mini-Pleat V-Bank Filter

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