Madison Capital Partners Completes Merger and Rebranding of the New CoAdvantage

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwire) – Madison Capital Partners, a Chicago-based investment firm, today announced the completion of the merger of CoAdvantage and Global Employment Solutions PEO. The two companies were acquired by Madison Capital Partners in 2010 and are now officially operating as one company.

The combined CoAdvantage, a leading provider of human resources solutions, will provide Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. The company has offices in Orlando, Tampa and Houston and will execute a western expansion strategy under their Powered by CoAdvantage subsidiary.

“The completion of the merger is a major milestone in uniting two market leaders under the CoAdvantage name,” said George Nolen, Senior Managing Director of Madison Capital Partners. “By combining these two companies, CoAdvantage can provide their current and future clients with outstanding service and innovative products. We are focused on this objective now that we are operating as one company.”

CoAdvantage is now ranked as one of the Top 10 PEOs in the nation. For additional information, visit the CoAdvantage website at