Rapid Engineering and Roberts Gordon Fuel Shipment of Critical Goods

Rapid Engineering and Roberts Gordon

On Sunday, March 29, President Trump announced Project Airbridge, a partnership between the US government, UPS and Fedex to provide cargo and logistics solutions for shipping inbound Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety equipment including ventilators and COVID-19 test kits into the United States and then distributing throughout US, to where it’s needed most.

Roberts Gordon and Rapid Engineering, a Specified Air Solution brand, heat and clean the air in the large distributions centers for Fedex, Amazon and UPS. Every UPS distribution center has Rapid Engineering units in them and they have more orders inbound this week for a NYC location. Roberts Gordon has a similar relationship with FedEx Ground for most of their distribution centers. As care-givers and the government rely on getting PPE to hotspots around the country, and consumers rely more on Amazon to receive the goods they need, Roberts Gordon and Rapid Engineering make it possible in this challenging time. #MADISONSTRONG

Specified Air Solutions team in front of a Rapid™ make-up air unit leaving the factory bound for an Amazon distribution hub on 3/31/20.