Purafil develops COVID fighting filter media, launches PuraShield

Purafil has long been a leader in chemical filtration media to remove harmful or toxic gases from the air. But as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread, the Purafil team took action to prove what they had suspected to be true: their patented filter media also has antiviral properties which could be instrumental in slowing the spread of the virus and keeping people safe. The team worked quickly to obtain third-party testing and verification, and it was in fact proven that their filter media inactivates up to 99.98% of target viruses and bacteria. With this media, Purafil then launched PuraShield, a portable air-scrubber cabinet, ideal for use in hospitals, labs, schools and offices.

In the past, a process like this would have taken months and the team pulled it off in a couple of weeks. Another great example of our entrepreneurial mindset and bias for action in the fight to against COVID-19. #MADISONSTRONG