Dehumidified Air Services Team Helps Protect Clean Air 

Dehumidified Air Solutions products control excess humidity and maintain the health and safety of building occupants and building structures. Without DAS products, mold, mildew and fungus grow and thrive which promotes an environment in which viruses and other harmful airborne pathogens flourish. Left uncontrolled for even a short period of time, the environment becomes unsafe for occupants and will ultimately require serious remediation. 

Dehumidified Air Services has answered the call to action. Since the spread of COVID-19, DASV has helped thousands of customers protect their Indoor Air Quality needs in the form of Field Service, Technical Support and Remote-Monitoring, Aftermarket Parts, and Maintenance Programs. Our service organization has touched 6,038 commercial and residential buildings in the last 13 weeks.

In the picture below, Christopher Buckingham is seen on the job-site, troubleshooting an Agronomic IQ (now Quest) equipment at Boaz Pharmaceuticals, Calgary, Alberta. In these times of fear and uncertainty, Chris and 40 other Field Technicians are #Madisonstrong and continue to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.