AG Industries provides key component for GM Ventilators

On Friday, March 27, President Trump enacted the Defense Production Act to order General Motors (“GM”) to assist Ventec Life Systems with the mass production of a ventilator that incorporates multiple lifesaving therapies into one machine (Ventilator, Oxygen, Cough Assist, Suction, Nebulizer). AG Industries provides a critical component for this device – a HEPA filter that provides bacterial and viral protection so that the air that patients breathe is safe.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the government voiced a vital need for more ventilators to become available to treat the growing number of patients suffering from COVID-19. GM and Ventec partnered to form “Project V” with a goal to quickly build ventilators out of the GM Electronics plant in Kokomo, IN. GM then reached out to AG Industries to ask them to provide this critical filter for their lifesaving medical device.

Another of many examples of how Madison Industries is fighting the spread of COVID-19 and providing lifesaving products for patients. #MADISONSTRONG