Task force tips

Task Force Tips saves lives and protects property by designing and manufacturing innovative tools which exceed the expectations of those that risk their lives to save others. Ever since the invention of the fire pump, firefighters have been plagued with the difficulty of obtaining correct pressures at the nozzle. TFT’s nozzles solve this dilemma by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hose line.


First developed by Clyde McMillan nearly 50 years ago, the company is still managed with the personal touch of the McMillan family and its Chairman, Stewart McMillan. Over the years, many additional products have been invented by the TFT team in order to make firefighting more effective and safer around the world. TFT is a leader in the industry due to its constant focus on innovation. As a result, the company, which first started in the McMillan family basement, has grown to meet expanding market demands through its dedicated employees and world-class facility in Valparaiso, Indiana. It is TFT’s purpose-based mission as well as the entire team’s passion that make us so proud to be a part of the TFT family.