Established in 1971, in Omaha, Nebraska. Streck’s founder, Dr. Wayne Ryan, developed the company’s core technology of cell stabilization at a time when blood cells were still being counted manually using microscopes.


Dr. Ryan, with a fierce passion for science and innovation, discovered that by isolating and stabilizing platelets, our laboratory scientists were able to facilitate automatic counting, leading to the development of an accurate system for calibrating platelet-counting devices. It was a profound breakthrough for hematology laboratories around the world – one that fueled our pursuit of innovative solutions for the clinical laboratory.


Today, innovation continues to drive our science. Streck holds over 120 patents on more than 20 products and makes testing and reagent materials for some of the industry’s leading instrument manufacturers, such as Abbott, Siemens, and Sysmex, among others.


Streck’s mission is to make the world healthier by delivering innovative solutions to preserve the integrity and accuracy of results in clinical and research laboratories. Our products touch millions of lives each day and help validate the reputations of laboratories, hospitals, and clinicians all over the world. Streck products are delivered to over 13,000 labs in 65 countries around the world.