Porex, a business of Filtration Group, is a global leader in developing custom-engineered porous polymer solutions that turn into critical functional components in our customers’ end products.  Our material solutions leverage a variety of porous plastic technologies, including sintered particles, bonded fiber and open-cell foam.  With the 2020 acquisition of Oxyphen by Filtration Group, Porex has added Oxyphen’s track-etched membranes to our broad portfolio of porous polymer solutions. In 2019, Porex was recognized as an Edison Award winner for our revolutionary POREX® FORTRESS™ liquid barrier pipette tip filter, an innovative technology that protects the purity of lab samples and ensures reliable test results for clinical laboratory professionals.


By combining our extensive material science expertise with our global quality manufacturing capability, we help our customers overcome their complex product development challenges and turn their product ideas into reality.  As a result, over 1,500 customers in 65 countries trust Porex for unique porous polymer solutions across a wide variety of applications in the healthcare, consumer, electronics and industrial markets to improve the performance of their end products.