Case Studies

The Plastics Group: Answering the Customer

In 1995, Madison purchased a small rotational molder in Minneapolis. Little did we realize that this would grow into The Plastics Group. From the beginning, a number of our Fortune 500 customers would ask us to provide system solutions and global sourcing of their products. They loved our service, engineering support and customer focus. But we were only a $20 million business at the time.


Together with the management team, Madison held a number of late night planning sessions to develop what would become The Plastics Group; an integrated, system solution for North American OEM’s. The Plastics Group would provide highly engineered products with value-added services from a series of advantageous geographic manufacturing locations. To create this model, acquisitions were completed, new facilities built and  a highly integrated logistics system created. Madison invested capital and significant resources to assist management on their journey.


By adhering to this simple, yet highly successful strategy, The Plastics Group became the go-to, one-stop-shop for plastic component needs of major OEM’s.