Buffalo Filter

Buffalo Filter is a world-leading medical device manufacturer and supplier of surgical smoke plume evacuation equipment. Buffalo Filter products are used to evacuate and filter hazardous smoke plume and/or aerosols created during more than 95% of all surgical procedures. Proven to contain toxic gases, live cellular material (including blood fragments), and viruses, this plume may also cause respiratory and eye irritations or nausea in healthcare professionals and may create visual problems for the surgeon.


Recognizing the need for better management of surgical smoke plume, Buffalo Filter was started in 1991 in Buffalo, NY, as a small, privately owned company manufacturing its own brand of filters and smoke evacuation systems. Over the years the Company has remained dedicated to improving healthcare safety and has developed innovative surgical smoke plume management technologies that meet the needs of healthcare providers.


Today Buffalo Filter products are used throughout the world to evacuate and filter hazardous surgical smoke plume created in all operative environments. Their vision is to provide leadership and product innovation to mitigate the dangers of surgical smoke plume and to finally clear the air in operative environments worldwide.